Step into the future with the Faculty Council on Governance (FCOG) at the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC)! We extend our heartfelt greetings as you embark on a journey through our website, where you’ll discover the latest updates on matters close to every faculty member’s heart as we steer our college into the Artificial Intelligence era at the dawn of the space age.

In our world of shared governance, we eagerly invite you to channel faculty-related concerns through your dedicated faculty council representative to the FCOG. Together, we’ll engage in thoughtful discussions and spirited debates, striving to reach a consensus among the esteemed members of the FCOG.

Once consensus is reached, we will develop policy and resolution which are important to the college. You are also welcome to participate in our scheduled meetings so that your voice can be heard directly. Each meeting is an opportunity for you or your departmental representative to bring forth new business. We look forward to a vibrant exchange of ideas and timely establish policy for the betterment of our college.

Contact the Faculty Council Officers if you have any questions.

  • Chair: Dr. Walter Z. Tang
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Vladimir Pozdin
  • Secretary: Dr. Lufan Wang
  • Parlimentarian: Dr. Anamika Prasad